The Scientific Islamic manuscripts heritage (Astronomy)

The first phase of this project is focused on the documentation of selected manuscripts from Dar al-Kutub and Al Azhar L

MED-CULT : Quality Principles for Cultural Websites

The project provides a methodology and a set of tools in order to establish a stable support network, where organization

STRABON : Système d’Information Multilingue et Multimédia pour le Patrimoine Culturel et le Tourisme

The project seeks to develop a multilingual and multimedia information system that comprises consistent units of numeric

The Documentation of the Cultural Heritage of the Bedouins of South Sinai

The project will develop a model for Cultural Resource Management (CRM) for the cultural heritage of South Sinai through

Traditional Water Techniques: Cultural Heritage for a Sustainable Future

The project aims to create a database of traditional techniques and to focus attention on the rich and diverse water har

Toward a Euro-Mediterranean Memory: Expert Workshop on Information Systems for Arab Manuscripts.

The development of a pilot web portal for manuscript collections that can accommodate different data base structures int

Development of a Novel and Integrated Portable Non-destructive Analysis System for the Documentation

InfrArtSonic aims to develop a novel and integrated non-destructive portable system for the determination of the depth p

The Defence Systems on the Mediterranean Coast

The Project will define a methodology of intervention for restoring Mediterranean fortresses by tackling four waterfront

Heritage Retrieval and Observation Under Sand

Using Earth Observation Data superimposed with cartography in a GIS environment, the project will identify undiscovered

EUROMED Heritage II Patrimoines Partagés :Savoirs et savoir-faire appliqués au patrimoine architectu

This project addresses issues related to the particular challenges of improving the management and development of 19th a

Botanical Gardens In Egypt Documentation - BGED

This project aims to document plants, animals and history of 6 botanical gardens beside the history of El-Zahraa stud. f

Authentication Methodologies for Metal Artifacts based on Material Composition and Manufacturing Tec

AUTHENTICODE focuses on the establishment of scientifically and technically- based international standards in the appli