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August and September 2016 Visits


On the 31st of August 2016, we received Dr. Noel Kelly, the CEO of Anam Technologies, an Irish IT company, along with a group of guests who were advised to visit the center by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng. Yasser El Kady, to have an overview about the center’s activities and projects.
On the 7th of September, a senior delegation from Hyundai Korea visited the center, as well as the Director of Siemens Egypt, Dr. Maximilian Egger, who was accompanied by his wife, on the 19th of September and watched a detailed display for all the CULTURAMA shows. The Compliance Director of Takeda Market, Mr. Erik Delong also valued his visit to CULTNAT on the 21st of September and considered it remarkable. Finally, a VIP group of guests from DELL Egypt and DELL International arrived to the center, on the 25th of September, and had a significant tour at CULTNAT viewing all the implemented technologies. ​